This Modified Honda Integra Type R: A Classic Example of Why 90s JDM Cars Remain Iconic

Discover why 90s JDM cars remain iconic with this modified Honda Integra Type R, a classic example of the era's timeless design and engineering.

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This Modified Honda Integra Type R: A Classic Example of Why 90s JDM Cars Remain Iconic

Honda has been a driving force behind the global popularity of JDM car culture. The Honda Integra Type-R, in particular, is an iconic car that has long been cherished by JDM enthusiasts. Of all the Type-R line-ups, the Integra is perhaps the most beloved, with its 90s tuner culture vibe.

This modified Integra Type-R is a classic example of the type of JDM modifications that were popular in the 90s. Despite having a bigger engine, there are no noticeable exterior changes. It's a testament to the type of modifications that made JDM culture so famous.

This Integra Type-R is a perfect example of how JDM culture is still thriving. Honda's affordable and reliable cars, powered by their innovative engine technology, have been at the forefront of tuner culture since its inception. The iconic JDM legend of the 90s is alive and well in this modified Integra Type-R.

In the world of JDM car culture, the Honda Integra Type-R is a true legend. Sydney-based Andrew chose to swap the original 1.8L motor with a K24 for more torque and tuning opportunities. The engine bay is spotless and features a beautiful yellow respray, reminiscent of Japan's golden era of street racing.

As the second car in Honda's Type-R division, the DC2R platform of the Integra has become a highly respected name in the JDM car scene. Originally built for Group-N racing, the Integra Type-R was designed with reinforced steel and weight-saving features like lightweight glass and less sound deadening. The result was a nimble car that could handle bends like no other.

The Integra Type-R opened the door for many car enthusiasts to experiment with tuning their cars, and this modified example showcases the possibilities. With a larger engine and a pristine engine bay, this Integra Type-R is a stunning example of the JDM car culture and the legacy of Honda's Type-R division.

Sydney-based Andrew chose a K24 over a K20 for his Honda Integra Type-R, giving him a larger 2.4L capacity motor with more torque. Both engines would outperform the original 1.8L motor and offer new tuning opportunities, such as big tube headers, race-spec shifter cables, and a tucked fuel system. Andrew's engine swap is just one part of his Integra's tuning story. The engine bay is immaculate, with old holes welded up, excess struts shaved, and a full respray in a stunning yellow reminiscent of Japan's golden era of street racing.

The Honda Integra Type-R is a legendary car that competes with other high-status models. The DC2R platform is highly regarded in the JDM car scene and has become one of Honda's most popular sporty Type-R vehicles. The Integra was initially created to compete in Group-N racing and was built with reinforced steel in significant areas, lightweight glass, and minimal sound deadening, and no creature comforts such as cruise control or A/C. The Integra Type-R was built to be nimble around bends and provide an unforgettable driving experience.

The Integra Type-R's weight stripping, paired with its engine's ability to produce more horsepower per liter than a McLaren F1 and a trick double-wishbone suspension, has made it one of the best front-wheel-drive cars ever produced. The car has opened doors for many car enthusiasts to experiment with tuning their cars, producing legendary results. With more 90s JDM classics, like the 90s Integra Type-R, earning their spot in the mainstream, prices for these cars are rising. While a proper third-gen Integra Type-R can set you back as little as $8,800, prices in Canada, where they can be imported, can reach up to $28,000. The prices for North American market models badged as the Acura RSX Type S are averaging at $15,000. It's not surprising to see this JDM legend's value average in the high teens of thousands in the coming years.

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